NJ INDY provides a unique opportunity to reach an engaged, local audience and support independent, community journalism.

You have options to spend your ad dollars, but you have few options to spend locally and grow community journalism. Local media outlets have suffered as Facebook and Google have taken the lion’s share of online advertising in the last 5-10 years. But as younger generations increasingly quit Facebook and Google ads saturate the market, advertising with the growing, local, engaged audience of NJ INDY provides an opportunity to maximize your ad spend.

Partnering with the INDY

We keep it simple when it comes to partnering and advertising with the NJ INDY. Newsletter ads, print ads, sponsored content and social media posts are all bundled into monthly, semi-annual and annual plans, with discounts for longer engagements.

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  • Population: 9 million (11th in the U.S.)
  • Median Age: 40
  • Median Income: $74,000
  • Blue state*: 57% voted for Biden and all but one congressperson is a Democrat.

*NJ INDY covers progressive issues like social justice, environment, education, arts, culture and more.

The opportunity:

  • 6 NJ counties have 3 newspapers or less in their communities.
  • 34% of newspapers have gone out of business since 2004
  • Five companies own nearly half of NJ’s newspapers
  • More than one-third of NJ’s digital news startups are located in just two counties: Union and Essex.
  • Only a handful of print or digital media outlets cover arts, culture and lifestyle in New Jersey.