NJ INDY provides a unique opportunity to reach an engaged, local audience and support independent, community journalism.

You have options to spend your ad dollars, but you have few options to spend locally and grow community journalism. Local media outlets have suffered as Facebook and Google have taken the lion’s share of online advertising in the last 5-10 years. But as younger generations increasingly quit Facebook and Google ads saturate the market, advertising with the growing, local, engaged audience of NJ Indy, in print, online, social or some combination therein, provides an opportunity to maximize your ad spend.

NJ Indy reaches hundreds of thousands of people every day across the web, with tens of thousands of people, mostly located in NJ visiting the site every month.

Our free monthly print edition starts in October, and will be distributed across the state in coffee shops, breweries, venues, farmers markets and more. For a full list of drop spots, any questions or to begin an advertising partnership, contact Publisher Matt Cortina.

For 2022 print, digital and social ad rates, click here.
And view our 2022-23 Media Kit here for with audience data, ad placements and rates.