environment Rant

Now’s a good time to ban bomb trains in NJ

Can we be so blinded by profit that we’d risk loss of life—in communities already unduly burdened by environmental issues? (History says… a-YUP!) How can we continue to elect limpdick politicians who can’t stand up to industry in the face of obvious infringements on our rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness?


How inequality happens

The radical rise of inequality in our society is a function of the vast political inequality separating the working class from the power structure. The elite rich have many friends in high places paying close attention to their needs, but the further one tumbles down the economic ladder the lonelier you are when your interests conflict with the bosses and big shots.


The perverse vulgarity of book banning

Until recently, there were only a couple of hundred isolated book challenges a year in our entire country, and local school boards and city councils generally handled them properly—without starting an uncivil war. But now, attempted book bans are erupting everywhere, orchestrated by a few extremist political groups and a flock of opportunistic Republican politicians.