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Now’s a good time to ban bomb trains in NJ

Can we be so blinded by profit that we’d risk loss of life—in communities already unduly burdened by environmental issues? (History says… a-YUP!) How can we continue to elect limpdick politicians who can’t stand up to industry in the face of obvious infringements on our rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness?

Culture Film

Jersey filmmakers explore the wild tale of the canoandes, who kayaked the deepest canyon in the world and fought for Polish Solidarity

“They still can transport to that very moment, which is a really interesting moment. Their hopes and dreams were tied up into this trip. So when the Pope is shot, they literally are like, ‘We must do this expedition for the Pope.’ I wouldn’t say everyone in the expedition felt that way, but a good number were like, ‘We need to be successful because our country will fall apart if we don’t.’”