Alternative, independent coverage of New Jersey news, arts, culture, food, recreation, events and more. Online and in print; always free.

Free-for-all news for all New Jersey.

We launched NJ INDY in 2021 because we were sick over the state of journalism in the Garden State. Corporate- and hedge-fund-owned media companies with operations in New Jersey have consolidated and downsized in the last two decades, laying off ever-more journalists and other staff members in the process.

Seeing no statewide alternative, independent media source, we created one: NJ INDY. It’s born out of the alt-weekly tradition—narrative storytelling and reporting of issues ignored or bungled by the traditional media, often with a touch of irreverence, available for free always.

We’ve tweaked the platform a little bit—we’ll print monthly free editions and run stories online daily—but we carry the intention of the alternative (and we’re not talking about “alt” in the batshit nutjob pizzagate space laser sense) media: to illuminate all corners of life in New Jersey with thought and passion, and to make it available for free.

Our writers come from all over the state, and we’re always looking for passionate storytellers. Drop editor/publisher Matt Cortina a line at matt@njindy.com if you’re interested in writing for us—and be sure to check out this page.