Check out Basic Invite’s stylish, customizable invitations before your next event

With thousands of options, almost limitless customization, pre-order samples and more, Basic Invite has you covered for bridal showers, graduations, birth announcements and more. For a limited time, use the discount code below for 15% off.

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Event planning is funny. No one task is too difficult, but try to find entertainment, a venue, catering, an invitation service, whatever, and you’ll go down internet rabbit holes and immerse yourself in these very specific worlds. It’s like the Olympics, you don’t watch any of the events in it for four years and then all of a sudden you’re a luge expert for two weeks.

Now, a lot of the stress people associate with planning parties comes from the abundance of choices. It’s hard to find platforms that make accomplishing these tasks easy and affordable, but also provide the tools and ability to get exactly what you’re envisioning. 

But for invitations, and more, Basic Invite is one of those platforms. 

Basic Invite has an easy-to-use website filled with pre-designed, customizable invitations for a myriad of events—bridal showers, weddings, birth announcements, graduations and much more. You can upload your own design, but you’d be wise to browse the thousands of existing design options, sortable by size, color, theme, shape and more.

The customization is key. Basic Invite offers more than 180 color options; once you select a design, you’ll be able to change the color of any element of a card, quickly and easily. If you’ve ever navigated these design elements on other platforms, you know the value this level of customization provides. Basic Invite also offers more than 40 envelope color options, so you can match it to the card. 

If you’re looking for something to set your invitation apart, you can also inlay gold, silver or rose gold foil on your Basic Invite card.

And while you may love the look of your card on the screen, you know your thoughts may change once it’s printed and in your hands. Basic Invite, however, is one of the few invitation services to send out a printed custom sample before you place your order, ensuring you’ll be satisfied with your invitation and potentially saving you a headache and some cash.

Basic Invite goes beyond invitations, too. If you’ve planned an event in the last 20 years, then you’ve probably played the game where you search through your phone for old texts, emails and contact info, then dust off the old address book (or call your parents and tell them to look through theirs), only to end up with addresses for half your guests.

Basic Invite streamlines this process with a service that’ll allow you to share a link on social media to request addresses from friends and family. When your guests complete the form, their info is stored in your account, and Basic Invite will print address info on your envelope for no additional charge.

So, say you’re getting married (way to go!) and you need some brunch bridal shower invitations. You go over to Basic Invite, browse over a dozen options specifically designed for the event, pick one, customize colors, add foil if you want, change the shape, customize the text, and, within a couple minutes, you’ve got something to work with. Order a sample, and check it out in person in a few days, then order away, collect addresses and send ’em out.

And, right now, Basic Invite is offering 15% off on products with couple code 15FF51, so you can get those bridal shower invitations cheap.

If you like the Basic Invite experience, you can go back to them for more events, of course, but they’ll also help you build a free event website, and offer that same customization advantage for stationary, wallpaper and more.

To get started, go to basicinvite.com, or check out their socials: Facebook | Pinterest | Instagram | Twitter