Eat it: Tomato Pie @ It’s Nutts in Titusville

Just north of Ewing, near Washington Crossing, is a classic Jersey roadside eatery: It’s Nutts in Titusvile. Make this place a stop on a road trip, go here after fishing in the Delaware, or stop for a bite after watching a reenactment of Washington crossing the Delaware this December.

Two things you have to try while you’re there are the tomato pie and the fried chicken. Look, you’ll be tempted by many items on the large menu, and you’ll be tempted to grab a burger if you see one on another table. Even if you do choose otherwise, we suggest getting a chicken thigh a la carte or a personal tomato pie for the table just to try it.

You can’t get a better tomato pie outside of Rhode Island. A cracker thin crust is topped with tomato sauce, a well-apportioned amount of cheese and hefty dollops of fresh, bright, juicy tomatoes. You can down an entire personal pie by yourself (and surely a large, if you come in with an appetite), and you can load it with a bevy of toppings. It’s simple, and it’s wonderful.

Pair that with a piece of fried chicken, as we did on a recent visit, and you’ll be planning a return trip. A slightly sweet, perfectly salted, and thin and crunchy skin holds in a juicy, tender chunk of chicken. We went for the breast, and while the cut at other establishments might dry out by the time you egt to the middle, the chicken here stays juicy and piping hot throughout, and there’s plenty of that crunchy exterior for each bite.