Eat it: Pork Chop @ Latin American Deli in New Providence

You won’t expect it—to be driving through New Providence and turn onto a residential street and then, in an unassuming house, to have access to a huge menu of Latin American comfort food and rotating daily specials.

It’s worth the trip. We stopped by recently during the lunch hour (the spot also has a long menu of American and Latin American breakfast options) and chose the special pork chop platter. It’s got a sizable pork chop lightly fried so it’s crispy on the outside, fall-apart tender on the inside, with crunchy morsels of fat on the ends that melt in your mouth. A fried egg adds a silky coating to the plate, which also include black beans, a tangy cucumber salad, rice and pico de gallo.

But the joy of Latin American Deli is the new options every day. Stop by and you might be offered Cuban picadillo, pot roast, breakfast tacos, a pulled pork sub and much more; all affordable, no-frills and served quickly. Go here.