Eat it: High on the Hog @ Thisilldous Eatery

Yeah, this is a place. Thisilldous Eatery in Belvidere is a classic Jersey diner with an inventive, unique menu. Around for almost 40 years, it feels warmly familiar and instantly essential upon the first visit, which we happened to enjoy this week.

Thisilldous (the name sectioned off as “this-ill-do-us” on the website for a hint at some pronunciation clarity) has a large menu of breakfast, brunch and lunch items from omelettes to hot browns to fish sandwiches and more, but what sets this eatery apart is the house-made barbecue and its sauces. Brisket, pork, chicken, sausage and more barbecued meats are available in breakfast and lunch items, tucked into dishes or available as a platter.

We opted for the High on the Hog, a sandwich comprised of smoked ham, bacon, smoked pulled pork and American cheese, topped with apple barbecue sauce. The smoke hits you first, then the savoriness and saltiness of the meats, then the gooey cheese (which feels like the right choice for maybe the first time in American cheese’s history) and then the sweet cinnamon-apple and light heat of the barbecue sauce.

Consider the sandwich devoured, and we’re looking forward to heading back again real soon.