Eat it: Kimchi Fried Rice @ Brick Farm Market

The folks at Brick Farm Market in downtown Hopewell know how to do farm-to-table. The market culls many of its ingredients—from produce to dairy to meat—from its Double Brook Farm, and its capable bakers, chefs and butchers turn that bounty into flavor-forward dishes.

We opted for the kimchi fried rice on a recent visit. It’s a bowl of—you guessed it—fried rice and kimchi loaded with sesame, scallions, and your choice of shredded smoked beef or local tofu (we chose the former). And it’s topped with a fried farm egg over easy to amplify the umami.

The kimchi is well-apportioned; not overpowering, instead providing its trademark crunch and subtle tang. The egg coats everything in a velvety, all-encompassing, binding blanket of flavor, and the smokiness of the shredded beef is irresistible.

But the meals are just the start of the Brick Farm Market experience—devour your plate and peruse the fresh produce, canned and jarred sauces and salsas, cases of fresh meat, packaged and local goods like chocolate, hard cider, granola and much more. You’ll be hard-pressed to leave without a full belly and some unique groceries for later.