This is NJ INDY. WTF is NJ INDY?

WTF is NJ INDY? Well, WTF happened to journalism in New Jersey? A provocative question, sure. But chances are you’ve asked it yourself, at least once, in the last several years. Corporate- and hedge-fund-owned media companies with operations in New Jersey have consolidated and downsized, laying off journalists and other staff members in the process.

Of the 230 newspapers serving New Jersey in 2004, more than one-third have gone out of business.

We live in a state that is notorious for political shenanigans, that has produced icons of various pursuits, and that is saturated with interesting people doing interesting things. Great food, great music, great stories exist here.

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We deserve media that holds power to account, elevates the stories of those on the margins, and that looks and sounds like we look and sound. Middle fingers and all.

We deserve to engage with our community, fix what’s wrong and celebrate what’s right without sifting through endless reports of drug busts or listening to hot takes from wacky radio deejays.

C’mon. We want context, solutions and discovery.

That’s why we launched, and are building, NJ INDY. We can’t fix everything through one media outlet—and, in fact, several great startups have launched in the last few years to address the very problems outlined above. We’re here to help those rethinking what it means to cover our state and to supply our dwindling news landscape with thoughtful coverage of news events, culture and the things that make New Jersey a kickass place to live.

We cover social justice issues, the environment, education, health care, income inequality, politics and statewide, regional and local issues that matter. We highlight art installations, street performers, chefs, brewers, poets, tattooists, farmers and others contributing to the fabric of life in New Jersey. And we give you some ideas on things to do to engage with our community.

Our responsibility in this endeavor is to ensure that a diversity of voices have a platform. You will see that diversity in our bylines, on our staff and in the sources quoted in our stories. The voice of NJ Indy is your voice. And we will share that voice, for free, online and in monthly print editions, at events, in newsletters, on social media and wherever we can provide it to meet you where you’re at.

Now, because it’s your voice, we want you to reach out if you’re interested in contributing. We’re looking for people who have a passion for storytelling. Whether you tell stories through writing, photography, video, poetry, Twitter threads, memes, whatever — we want to hear from you. (If you’re interested, send a resume, a few clips or link to an online portfolio, and some words about your experience, passion and ideas for stories to editor/publisher Matt Cortina at

We don’t blame you if you’ve given up on the media after… recent events. But local, independently owned and funded media is the way forward. We hope you join us on this journey.