Eat it: Lobster Roll @ AOF in Point Pleasant

The question when ordering a lobster roll at Atlantic Offshore Fishery (AOF) in Point Pleasant is “Mayonnaise or poached in butter?”

Is anyone choosing mayo?

So, we got the butter-poached roll, which comes with a bun and a fully packed pint of fresh, buttery, succulent, insanely good lobster meat, and some fries that if it weren’t for the shine of the lobster would get more accolades.

But it’s just one of several fresh-caught seafood items to get at AOF; stop in for a sit-down meal on the patio or get seafood to-go for pretty damn good prices: sushi-grade tuna for $9.99/pound; scallops for the same price; and Bakkafrost salmon for $7.99/pound.

All brought in daily (and there are plenty of rotating specials) by Jersey Shore native and boat captain Mike Sarapochillo’s crew from one of his three boats.

Atlantic Offshore Fishery. 212 Channel Drive, Point Pleasant Beach. 732-206-6958.